Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 40

Hello bloggers. 

Well boofy boofy hoomy. Don’t ask me what was that. Because Im not going to answer you. Well, the truth is, me myself also have no idea wth is the “boofy boofy hoomy” meaning. I just feel like saying it. On my previous post which is day 39th, I did promise you that I will write something big. I mean I will write something that is much better than my previous post. Somehow, I can’t think of any. I have no choice but to let u guys down and I’m not surprised if I lost a bunch of followers. Can I write anything that I like today? Without bothering / minding / care what will you guys say and talk about me? Can I? Well, I take that as a YES

I came from a very ordinary family which is I'm lucky num 4. I have a very awesome sisters and brothers. Cut the sisters. More to sister. 

You know sometimes life can be super duper hard and that is the moment when you need someone to be with you. Well, I do have some good friends, bff and a bunch of good listeners. Anyhow they still can’t fill the emptiness inside you. For the past few months, I’ve been having a very hard time dealing with the broke up stuffs. Yes. It hurts me a lot and I can’t even bare to stand the pain. I texted all my friends, telling them how I felt and still, they can't made my day. Then I managed to find guts in me to tell my sis and my bro about what had happened. Surprisingly, even though they didn’t talk to me as nice as my friend did, they say all the harsh word to me, I feel much better and that was the time when I finally realized “yes, they are right. I shouldn’t live my life’s all the way like this just because a boy that can’t take a good care of me” and absolutely, they will always support me and be by my side doesn’t matter what is the condition. That is why I love them the most & of course I miss them so much. How I wish we can gathering like how we used to be before. 

I started working since February and when I received my salary I was beyond excitement. Since then, I started to buy foods for my fam members and that making me feel so old. I’m just 17th. Well, turning 18th soon, I’m still a teenager but hey I’m no longer a kiddo who used to have big ribbons on the pony tails and playing with Barbie’s and begging for abah n mummy to buy me Barbie house. Time flies without you knowing it. And my heart tinged with sadness when I recalled and reminiscing about my childhood past.  

Somehow, I am now a happy girl too because I have such a wonderful people around me. I have a great parents who always love and accept me in any way I am, I have a wonderful siblings who will always be there for me, I have a lot of good friends that will always support me upside down and most importantly I have a great wonderful blessed boyfriend that care and love me so much. I’m so happy to be with him and I know he will take a good care of me and my heart as well. Because I will do the same too. i love u Nizar.

Am so relieved that Allah had sent them to me. 

Thank you Allah for giving me strength and hope to live my lives when I’m not in a good condition and when I feel so down and doesn’t feel there is any way and hope.  

Thank you so much Allah. 

The end.


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