Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sekoh Attack

Hallo to every inch of you! 

I’m back! It’s the weekend haul ~  What are you up to during this weekend?

Well, as for me, today I went to Viva city with my darling Kai, since today is the opening day of our very own Viva city (VC) !! My first impression of VC is, it reminds me little bit of Pavi but obviously Pavi is Pavi, Viva is Viva. There’s so many famous branded shop open at VC & also good news to chicken lover! Nando’s is HERE! I am excited as I can’t wait to taste its wedges again! 
Fun Fact! I love Nando’s wedges more than its chicken. I personally think that the chicken taste too chicken. It’s okay if you don’t get me, but I TRIED.  

Apart from that, one of the interesting shops that caught my eyes is, Kaison. It reminds me little bit of Daiso, and Alya told me that Kaison reminds her of IKEA. Since I have never been to IKEA all my life YET, so I am picturing IKEA to be something like this but maybe more massive than Kaison. Well, I must say that the price is okay, not overpriced. I got myself a white musk room fragrance where you can hang it inside your wardrobe for only RM 1.60 per packet. Isn’t that cool?! OF COURSE IT IS! To whomever who loves Tumblr and wants to have a Tumblr kind of room, Kaison is for you. Definitely. If you are the person that into house deco, Kaison is for you. Into Plushies? Kaison is the place for you. Sick of your same plain old room wall? Kaison is for you. Why? There’s like a roll of wallpaper that only cost you RM 20. Desperate for present paper for incoming Christmas? They sell it only for RM 0.50 per paper. It’s cheap. The quality is fantastic. How can one say no to Kaison? I can’t.  I have so many in my wish list, but I decided to put it on hold because my room is going to be my sister wedding room. So I cannot do anything to décor it yet, so perhaps other time. Hehe.  At some point maybe I should ask Kaison to pay me for advertised their shop? JK!
I am emphasizing only to the shop that only I am excited for. HAHA. 

Anyway, do you know what Zanmai sushi is? It’s going to be in KUCHING THIS END OF DECEMBER! Yay to all sushi lovers! I am not going to downgrading sushi king because sushi king is life before I tasted Zanmai back in KL months ago but honestly, after  I TRIED the taste of beautiful Zanmai, I am never be able to move on from Zanmai.Zanmai almost brought me to tears when I tasted it. I just can’t forget the memories of first time eating it. To the point, our table remains silent for about 2 minutes because we’re enjoying the sensation of Zanmai.. HAHAHA. The green tea is FREE FLOW! You mainly have to pay for RM 2 something if I’M NOT MISTAKEN. Zanmai is LIFE!

What else that caught my eyes?  OH YES! I bought a pair of mask from FACESHOP for RM 13 and few cents only! 
They are doing 3 days OPENING sale, so if you purchase one mask, you will be entitled for another free mask. So as someone who is sik mok rugi, 

credits to google
Oh there’s a Laneige shop too! I love LANEIGE! I am using Laneige as my daily skin care routine. I’ll to say, hands up to laneige because it works on me. My skin is slowly recovering but! There’s still a scar here and there on my face such as my cheeks and chin. There’s time when pimple popping out here and there but Laneige spot gel is my savior!

credits to google

Hmm, now that I don't know what else to talk about, guess that’s all from me then my dearest beautiful creature, May Allah bless you always!




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