Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 62

Big Hello.
Such a great evening for me to start my writing. Well hello everyone. I’m doing fine regarding my bf is coming back to Miri this sat. I’m so happy and I seriously can’t wait for it. Teehee. Well, as for today I would like to rant about something that I hate the most. Well, doesn’t matter whether you’re one of it or doesn’t matter sometimes I’m the one who also made those mistake.

I hate people who only know how to talk big. But inside they are coward as the little ant is. I sometimes stand next to this people or even sometimes they are my friends. Indeed. That is the saddest part or hardest part ever because you have n choice but to listen patiently with all your heart content. Unfortunately, I sometimes, no, more to most of the time can’t control my damn emotion and started to show them I’m not interested and here it goes. My mouth accidentally says something that is not suitable for any kid who is under 18 and below.

I hate people who konon nya knows everything and you don’t even have any chance to tell them what you know that they don’t know. I hate this situation. Well, I used to be in this situation 5 months ago. I’m trying to tell her the things she konon nya tauk gilak la. However, since she is that smart as Einstein is, I let her do things that she rasa betol and end up we need to do that thing all over again. Thank you so much.  Only then baruk she asked me.

And there is another thing that I hate the most.

Finally now I can drive after 4 times of sitting the bloody JPJ test every week which I’m so tired and whenever I entered that driving center I feel like puking all over the place. So, whenever I drive I really hate it when people complaint too much telling the way I drive can led them to death or gila la apa la.  Here the thing. This is really simple. If you think I can led you to death or something, don’t follow me. Don’t ever ask me when I wanna bring you out or somewhere because I don’t want to be the one who known as a killer. Mana tauk tetiba bena2 you mati when I drive you. I’m a beginner, yet not good driver. If you’re that good why don’t you pegi ambik license.

Oh I’m going to Curtin. and often people will say "yer kaya!"
excuse me. No, I’m not rich. I have no choice but to go there to study. I can’t enter local uni twice. They rejected me over and over again. What else should I do? Wait for another chance where I know I have no chanced at all? So, going to Curtin is the best way. It’s not that I don’t want to go to kl to further my studies, I really want to. My boyfriend is there so that will be extra superb! Haha. Somehow, I don’t want to burden my parents all over again because if I go there to study I need to calculate all the amount of money that I needed to use per one month. Here comes the food, the sch fees, belon lagik,tempat tinggal gk. Oh good. Money money. $$$$$. Stop telling me I have no life because I’m studying in Miri. I myself am not happy about it. So, stop it. I’m sick of those words!

so yeah. thats all for today! gbye! :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 61

Hello Cruel world. 

See the girl who stands next to me? Her name is Navsharan Kaur Sandhu. The only person who dare to padah im having a peter pan syndrome. Been knowing her for five years. macam bulak jak rasa now we're 18.ops. im still 17! :D She's now in Ausie, taking dip in nursing. We're so proud of her. Among all the 38 or 39 peoples in our class, she's the only one who made it. Now in ausie, diff culture and everything, of course the biggest challenge of all.

One thing for sure, I will miss having her around. goodbye navee.
Please have a great life in ausie! wait for me to come there ok? :)))

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