Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 66

Hello everyone. Ahh i miss saying hello to my blog! 

How are you little blogger? i hope you're doing fine after been neglected for em... few months. Act, I did update you one and little last time however I did not spend much time on you lately. It is because I have so many things to do. I have tons of assignments pile up waiting for me to complete it, tons of big presentations that carrying 5% for me to completed my assessments. Alhamdulillah, those hectic weeks is now over. I am now currently in my tuition free week because next week is our finals! Ohhh… Our first finals! I’d been in Curtin for 3 months? I think. And now semester one almost over and soon enough I’ll proceed to semester two. Insya-Allah. I hope I can pass my semester one. Amin. :)

First, I would like to talk about my lives. Life’s been treating me like I’m their slave. Every day, I woke up in the morning, I always feels like the time did not wait for me where it is true, time does not waiting for us. It’s like I’m rushing in anything that I do. Doesn’t matter how early I’m up on that day, it is the same. Just in a blink of an eye, the day had pass through just like that. Seems that now, I finally realized how crazy this time can be; How important this time to our daily lives; how funny this time can be where sometimes it will play around with us when it started to be super slow and all.  

Sometimes, life is really a bitch. My mummy told me once, life’s hard. That is the reason why we need people to be our little guy behind. To support us, to tell us to not stop believing what we can achieve, what we can be, what can we reach and believing that every person in earth is the star. It is between the faith you have in yourself and the number of digit you need to achieve in order for you to be a real person and to win and to be the number one. I am lucky enough. I am totally blessed with a good family, good boyfriend, and close friends.

Ohhh boyfriend. :p Well, now.. We’d been together for 7 months. Can you see how fast the time flies? He is now currently in Miri and we’d spending a lot of good times together. His going back to puncak alam soon. Soon enough. About few weeks to go. Ahh I don’t want to think about it. I will only think about it when the days finally come. Let’s talk about my boyfriend for a while. It won’t harm you okay. 

I love my boyfriend. Like so much like super real and I love him. Haha. Okay enough said. I’m done. Okay wait. Just for a little more. I wish I could study in the same place as him or maybe in the same state or country at least. The feeling of living in a long distance relationship is not the best part in our stories. Whenever I miss him, I can’t see him face to face. I only can hear his voice through the hand phone, telling him what’s happening through texting, seeing each other face through skype;ym;msn. You know, this is my first time to have this kind of relationship. So it took me for quite some times to get used to it. Plus, he is once my friend. Now he is somebody in my lives. Someone that I can’t imagine how my life could be if one day later we’re apart for real. Too early for me to admit, but I know I won’t regretted for saying this, he is the best damn thing that I ever had in my life’s.

lastly, i really miss my siblings. my sister and brother ;'( i hope i can meet them soon enough. maybe right after my final. *FINGER-CROSSED!*

I think thats all from me today. will update more soon.

lots of love<3


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 65

Hi everyone!

yarabi, bekurun aku sik update blog. nang kdk terbiar lalu eh. hahaha follower pun maintain jak 56 dari dolok marek. ok sik pa.

aku nak ngadu. :(((

sik lamak gik aku final. YA ALLAH.
assessment boh cakap la. bertimbun jak. tp sumpah team mate aku suma pange kdk pa jak.

mun sik di arah, sik bepolah. dahya ngarap sorang sama sorang. ok la. dah tauk part kdirik, buat la. sama jak task mekorg susah bh. masing2 dah di ageh tugasan. apa juak nak nyalah sorang sama sorang.
mun aku dapat buat benda nok susah ya walopun aku entam jak, knk torang sik pat polah gia juak.

aku bgg bah, mun da papa jadi ngn assessment aku. aku sik mok repeat bah. aku bkn org kaya nak baya 1600 setiap sub mun repeat. tolong lah. aku bkn kaya kdk torang. ilek2 jak mak bpk nak kuar duit mun torang repeat.

phm la k. aku blaja bebena untok masa depan aku bah. pk bahh suma ya.
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