Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 73 Happy Birthday To me! Sweet 18th!

Hello Everyone :)

Yesterday was my Birthday! The first person who called me to wished me a Happy Birthday, tak lain tak bukan, my beloved boyfriend :* Zackyy!!

he even the first person who wrote on my wall! :D

Right after he posts that, I think he straight away called me and managed to be the first! A moment later, my dear ppg Aniqah who is currently in KL now, called me to wish me a HB too. I was overjoyed and I sound so happy. OF COURSE. And my another ppg, Aqilah, also text me to wished me a HB too.

A min later, Zac asked me to be on Skype. At first I refused because I’m so lazy to get my ass in front of the lappy. Seems that he wanted to be on skype so badly, so I granted his desire. :p He gave me a file named ^^ . I know something inside but you see, I decided to open it next morning. He asked me to call him when I want to open that file in the next morning. So yeah, I did. I saw him on the video! What do I feel at that moment? Seriously, I can cry even! I was laughing and I told him, I saw you in the video. Hahaha. He sang me a birthday song. I couldn’t ask for more. This is my first. First time in my lives, my boyfriend sings me a birthday song. He recorded it evennn! If he is right in front me, I will hug him for sure. No doubt. hahaha. If you were in shoes, you will do the same.  So this is the video! 

 Click to play! :D

Two of my girlfriend, Nadine and Najwa plan to celebrate my birthday at Grand Palace. Makan dim sum! So while waiting for Najwa to pick me up *I’m the birthday girl so, yeah, Queen Sehari* Zac little sister called me and wished me Happy Birthday. I’m quite touched somehow because OMG, SHE CALLED TO WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hahahaha. She asked me to come over to her house. I want to ask more but… I did not have the guts to do so. Somehow, I sensed something fishy already! So I texted Zac. He said maybe because Nana wants to spend her time to be with me on my birthday. I was like, something not right. I know! This is sooooo out of the blue. 

I went there and yeah. I received this..!

 Diana F+ from my Babyy! 

He told his siblings to keep it for me and to give it to me on my Birthday. Speechless terus. I feel like crying. This is like too much. I know it’s my birthday, but he did a lot of things for me already. OMGGGGG. I love you Zackyy! <3 hahahaha. Omg…He wrote something inside the book too! I can't stop smiling when i read those pretty lines. You are a good boyfriend baby, i couldn't ask for more!

In the another border, My pretty babies Najwa and Nadine; Double N’s; did not let my Birthday Bash  down. Nadine gave me Sereni & Shentel Green Head band. Najwa, she treat me Dim sum ;) she told me she will get me something soon, but Naaaah. No need baby. I’m grateful you guys are willing enough to celebrate my born day together with me. 

Then, moving onnnn to Terminal! Karaoke moment!

So, rm 15 for 7 hours i think. segek kepalak rm 15.We had fun! We sang about 62 songs...... no wonder my voice are cracking by now. little bit :3 

Time flies when we are having fun. It sure is. :) This is what I get on my Birthday yesterday :D 

I decided to name my Diana; Luna :D so, yesterday after i reached back home. I replied every single mention on Twitter and replied every Birthday wish on Facebook. Thank you guys for kind enough to wish me a goodie goodie Happy Birthday! I’m touched. :’) Really I am. 

On that night, Nurul asked me to wait for her. So I did. Sekali tgk, she bought me a Birthday Cake! nya bediri depan gate bawak cake. hahahaha. She even called my Bf to join her lagu lagu birthday song for me. HAHA. Thank you Babe! I love you :’) 

Neway, ya baju nya bagik! di suroh pake terus. :D 

In conclusion, this year mmg the best birthday ever la. Thank you for wishing me, Thank you for calling me, Thank you for texting me and all. I really grateful and appreciate it with alllllll my heart content!  *Group Hugs* 

I never know birthday is the happiest and best thing that ever happened in human ever. Thank you Again guys. Rasa Special LALU OKAY!

So, im going to end my blog post regarding about my Sweet 18th! 
thank you once again,

Lots of love,
Haffy Husini 

p/s: OH DAMN... its been a while i didnt write an essay. sorry for the bad grammar or wtv it is. Me no good in English. :)

Bye people, I"m officially 18th ALREADY! 

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