Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 86

updating blog a day before new year are too mainstream so i decided to update my blog 3 days before 2014.

so, 2013.
unexpected year. I've been through a lot this year. nevertheless the sadness, the anger, the happiness,joyousness, laughter, tears and so many more.

here i am. still the same hafizha but not the typical high school girl way of thinking anymore. Met tones of new people, studying in a new place, staying in hostel, no more twitter update of "i wanna go somewhere apart from miri" cause i wanted now is to stay in Miri.

so here some pic of 2013 journey.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

day 85

wow.. i miss you. i miss you so much. how are you? did u eat well?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 84

Good day fellow citizens!

So, for the past few weeks, i did some readings. yeah some readings. basically, i read a lot. some people just couldn't see it in me. :(

so I started cool with "Me and Mr darcy"

well okay. basically, cerita tok not bad. a story about a girl known as Em, where she is purely in love dengan segek buku tok known as pride and prejudice. 
dalam cerita pride and prejudice tok, ada sorang laki nya mr darcy & this Darcy guy memang gentleman lah. 
so, day after day, years after years, sikda sorang pun Em dapat rasa ngam an nya cos nya mala jak wondering why do man these day aren't like mr Darcy at all.. so one day, her friend, known as Stella, would like to bring her along for vacation. In Spain? Mexico? ah couldnt remembered. but she doesnt want to go and suddenly ada flyers about a trip with mr darcy for lecturer lovers. so shockingly, she went there... 
ok have to admit this. orang dekat sia suma kooks. oldies, no single attraction at all. except for one guy who is basically a journalist. if im not mistaken. hahaha. and known as ... i dont know. lupak. HAHA. 
during her trip to England, or London, i dont know which and which. *ok now i can see im not a good reader*
she happen to meet Mr Darcy. afraid not, this Darcy guy that she met is the one that supposed to be in that fiction book "pride and prejudice". she tried to show this Darcy guy about he is in the book, tp buku ya all blank. 
wanna know more? READ IT! 

after a week of reading Me and Mr Darcy. I tried to start reading another book. called as "One Day"

ahhh i dont know what to say. its a story about two mates, Emma & Dexter. Em obviously so in love with Dex, tp Dex mcm never give a god damn and they stays as a buddieh for many years. 
and i didnt read it till end. cos... it didnt amazed me. maybe im going to see their movies instead... oh they make a movie about it tho! so i guess its a great masterpiece but maybe i am the only person who didnt appreciate the stories? i leave it to you to decide. :3

after half way of reading "One day" and decided to stop, i continually my journy by reading "Spotlight" by Hana Fox.

a story about a young girl known as Madison. wanted to be a singer right after she graduated her high school. she lives in Ohio and wanted to pursuing her dreams as a singer in new york. So, she stayed with her bff ; Leesa. 
because she have no money, she have to followed up her life by working as a stripper at Spotlight. with that much of money, she's joining a singing class and able to pay her singing class along. one day, a guy called Beau came to Spotlight and offered her to be a star. to be a singer, with the talents she have in her, she is then recognizable by everyone. she is America sweetheart. 
read this book if u would like to know more! 

I am now currently stop reading because i suffered from a massive migraine  its been two days already and i cant barely stand the price. 

Allah,please bless me.

so long reader!
Haffy Husini,

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