Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 41

Knock knock. Who’s there?

:It’s me. 

Who are you?

:It’s me. Hafizha.

Hafizha who?

:Nur hafizha bte husini.

What makes you here?

:To see you. I miss you boy.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 40

Hello bloggers. 

Well boofy boofy hoomy. Don’t ask me what was that. Because Im not going to answer you. Well, the truth is, me myself also have no idea wth is the “boofy boofy hoomy” meaning. I just feel like saying it. On my previous post which is day 39th, I did promise you that I will write something big. I mean I will write something that is much better than my previous post. Somehow, I can’t think of any. I have no choice but to let u guys down and I’m not surprised if I lost a bunch of followers. Can I write anything that I like today? Without bothering / minding / care what will you guys say and talk about me? Can I? Well, I take that as a YES

I came from a very ordinary family which is I'm lucky num 4. I have a very awesome sisters and brothers. Cut the sisters. More to sister. 

You know sometimes life can be super duper hard and that is the moment when you need someone to be with you. Well, I do have some good friends, bff and a bunch of good listeners. Anyhow they still can’t fill the emptiness inside you. For the past few months, I’ve been having a very hard time dealing with the broke up stuffs. Yes. It hurts me a lot and I can’t even bare to stand the pain. I texted all my friends, telling them how I felt and still, they can't made my day. Then I managed to find guts in me to tell my sis and my bro about what had happened. Surprisingly, even though they didn’t talk to me as nice as my friend did, they say all the harsh word to me, I feel much better and that was the time when I finally realized “yes, they are right. I shouldn’t live my life’s all the way like this just because a boy that can’t take a good care of me” and absolutely, they will always support me and be by my side doesn’t matter what is the condition. That is why I love them the most & of course I miss them so much. How I wish we can gathering like how we used to be before. 

I started working since February and when I received my salary I was beyond excitement. Since then, I started to buy foods for my fam members and that making me feel so old. I’m just 17th. Well, turning 18th soon, I’m still a teenager but hey I’m no longer a kiddo who used to have big ribbons on the pony tails and playing with Barbie’s and begging for abah n mummy to buy me Barbie house. Time flies without you knowing it. And my heart tinged with sadness when I recalled and reminiscing about my childhood past.  

Somehow, I am now a happy girl too because I have such a wonderful people around me. I have a great parents who always love and accept me in any way I am, I have a wonderful siblings who will always be there for me, I have a lot of good friends that will always support me upside down and most importantly I have a great wonderful blessed boyfriend that care and love me so much. I’m so happy to be with him and I know he will take a good care of me and my heart as well. Because I will do the same too. i love u Nizar.

Am so relieved that Allah had sent them to me. 

Thank you Allah for giving me strength and hope to live my lives when I’m not in a good condition and when I feel so down and doesn’t feel there is any way and hope.  

Thank you so much Allah. 

The end.

Day 39

dear bloggers,

Well,just another boring post today. im so sleepy but im waitin for my beloved boyfie to get home. its raining. i hope his doin fine.
Tonight,im so in mood to talk bout something. well, just now i went to youtube and search for "lady gaga-born this way music video".
& when i saw the video i was like -.-. yes seriously i was like -.-
wthell was that? okay im sorry.i didn't mean to insult lady gaga and so on but dude the music video is real damn scaryy! and im scared. i have no intention to insult lady gaga but she is really scary. she is really into satanism and so on. well i dont want to say much as many of people around me like her so damn much. i love her gaga-ness but apparently not the music video. and most of people in youtube who commented on her music video will translate the real meaning of the song! such as "Alejandro" songs. OKAY. since i was there to hear and saw the video's,its not wrong for me to check out what some other people in some other place say about her. RIGHT? this is the biggest mistake ever. i will never check out lady gaga music video's again.

when she dance with those bra stuffs, sik sakit kah nenen nya begoyang2? #JUSTASKING

i promised u i will write something BIG and more better for my 40th post.
if and if only if u want 2

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 38

Dear bloggers.

and so today im in mood to actually update my blog and talk about something. let me keep this thing straight before u dare to talk shit or comment or ranting about my writings. basically,im not good in english. imma sucker. I KNOW RIGHT! ignore those grammatically error and so on. just live ur life.

before i start, i would like to say thank you so much to my 29th followers. u rock my world rocksetar! *hugs*

the reason im here today because something bad epen yesterday. more likely something that is so not cool and sometimes people take our feeling for granted and sometimes orang tok tengok kita segek mata jak. bukan iluminati!
bak kata pepatah omputeh "dont judge a book by its cover". time aku gik biak-biak dolok, rasa terer lah pake pepatah ya tek. padahal dah makin besa banyak gik duhal pepatah-pepatah nok awesome gik dari ya. lame. (L)

apa rasa torang kalau torang sikda buat salah di anok? di tudoh? mesti torang akan rasa macam tok kan?
  • eh apahal kw tok? 
  • cibai juakk
  • jahanam
  • bah taik na
  • caken
  • dan seanggota dengan beberapa ayat sumpah seranah yang lain
sebab torang bebena sikda buat salah,tapi orang tudoh2 kita. dahya tek kalau dah nya salah,nya terus macam mok manipulate cerita tek. madah kita gik salah pa suma. yala,nang da dalam dirik kita rasa kita jak betol,tapi sik la kita akan madah kita betol kalau dah mantak-mantak benda ya kita salah kan? mun aku salah,ngakuk aku salah aku. tok nang antap alu nya salah. sik la aku maoh di salah tegal benda bodo nok nya pasan kedirik ya. itok jak sik rasa kita bah.

haaa. macam ya lah cita aku tek.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 37

hello bloggers! 

thanks for following my 28th followers. *claps*

let me tell u hows life so far. im doin fine. excellent. and im madly in love with my own bff. and even till today he is my bff and also my bf. aku malas nak cakap banyak pasal gerek aku lah. better aku rant about something aritok.

aku malas la nak anok sapa-sapa dalam post aku. hanya sekadar ucapan sepatah duak ayat. malas nak molah drama melayu terhebat juak. hahaha.penah ada ex? i mean ex bf ka ex gf ka. apa-apa jak la. ex wife,ex husband,ex daughter,ex sister in law,ex this ex that .

some people sik happy koh bila apa-apa benda nok di panggil ex tok macam dah ada pengganti. idk, dah nama ex,apahal maseh nak gago? maseh sayang ka apa ya soal no. 2 lah. my love life's before to totally fucked up and banyak juak aku belajar dari kisah lampau ya. malas nak nunding jari ngan mana-mana pihak. sapa salah ya malas nak di soal gik lah. maybe ada orang kata

"cepat na hafizha tok carik bf baru,padahal previous relationship mok dekat 4 tahun,tapi within 3 months genap break udah ada someone new"

let me tell u something that u shud know.
i will only in a proper relationship if
  • ex aku dah ada orang baru
  • my ex is actually dah moving on
  • aku pun gerek baru ya orang aku dah kenal lamak
  • i can rely on him
  • can be trusted
  • respect my fam
  • he can be my bff and also my bf at the same time
malas nak cakap banyak lah, kadang-kadang orang tok padah kita ya tok ya la. okay, ure right about how much i ever love and willing to wait for him last time. tapi kalau orang dah ada someone new sik kan kita jadi bodo mok betunggu? and yet kita tok jak mala salah and kita tok lah nok jaik lam hubungan ya. mesti la asa kedak NO WAY. I SHALL MOVE ON. aku malas nak puji dirik ka apa, aku malas nak anok sapa-sapa juak. again aku ketat kan benda ya. because aku tok setia. even orang ya dah break ngan aku, aku sik akan carik pengganti dolok selagik nya belom ada carik pengganti. aku akan tunggu tunggu and tunggu.

bila aku dah happy macamtok,datang gik orang lua nok sik pande puas2 sik pande nak nerimak kenyataan nok ex nya kinek dah ada orang pun. aku malas nak kata banyak juak gik la. yang pasti, aku sikda rampas mana-mana bf orang and zac is positive-ly single.

kaktok,ada lah orang sebar-sebar blog aku suroh baca.


makseh. ne tauk kelak kelak blog aku di promote.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 36

hello bitches! so guess what?

i got 3 A's 4 B's and 2 C's. 

setimpal la ngan usaha super last minute aku. hahahahaa. who cares. but i fucked up my Geo paper. sedeh juak la because sik sangka kan aku dapat C for geo. :( nyesal aku nanis-nanis buat paper ya oi! dahla time ya baruk break ngan ex aku kan, dahya aku mala terfikir-fikir gik.tapi,benda dah lalu. apa boleh buat. keep it shut jak la. hahahaha. janji ada A! :)

lamak-lamak tok,otak aku makin bertega eh. sikda cita aku maok rant or so whatever kinek. so, maybe next time.

love u till i die bitches,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 35

agak2 lamak juak dah aku sik update blog. dalam masa yang sama juak, aku esok tunggu result aku. esok kuar result spm. and im very lah nervous. :)

i cant talk much due to the nervoustism. haha. goodbye!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 34

hello bloggers.

okay,marek pun post macam kecik gilak. and mesti torang rasa cam, wtfuck? gus boh update blog jak. hahaha.
marek birthday amal. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAL IKHWAN. :)

kamekorang plan buat suprise party untuk nya bah. so everything goes well. amal nangis apa suma. haha.

oh,tentang zac tok. im glad im with him. i mean dengan kawan kedirik. tauk gine ati budi masing-masing bah kan. so,macam sik la gago gilak maok tauk sapa kawan and so on because GENG KEDIRIK. ahahahahaha!

seriously,lawak lalu bah. -.- nang lawak. sik penah di plan apa suma pun benda tok. and sekali tengok. nya gerek aku nektok. sies lawak. and banyak orang sik cayak apa suma. hahaha.

but i started to love him more than a friends. :)

can i laugh some more?


Day 33

dear bloggy,

i know its to soon for me to tell u this. but yeah. im taken. by my own very closed fren.
nizar. hahahahahaa.

his sweet,nice,cute*puji grk kdrik*,and my own fren.
rasa cam selamat ngn him pa suma. hahahahahaa.

still fresh ba mekorg.ok.bai

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 31

 Big HELLO to my followers! *big clap*

mulai hari tok,aku sik akan pake short form gik. if possible lah okay. and aku akan cuba untuk menggunakan bahasa ibunda kita. bahasa bapakanda pun aku cuba pake lah.aritok,post aku simple jak. aku cuma mok cerita sikit2 sal kesah aku beberapa ari tok. aku sik akan rant tentang apa2 hal aritok. just cerita idup aku jak ok. (:

so,beberapa hari yang lepas,12.3.2011,birthday si jaja. so nya bawak aku dan rakan2 yang lain pergi ke rumah nya. to celebrate this girl party. jaja! LEGAL LA RASA KAU TEK DAH MASOK 18! hahaha. :D
so i bought her some estee lauder eye shadow and some blouse to be sure.

maybe this year, im gonna celebrate my birthday kat rumah jak lah. since last year aku sik sambut dengan family, yet aku dekat KL time ya, jadi aku rasa taun tok aku sambut ke umah jak la. and most importantly dekat miri okay. (:

anddddd rumors. tauk sik nektok kawan aku mala gosip aku dengan kawan aku sekok tok. and sidak sampe kaco aku time kawan aku tok anta aku balit. aku sies malu tauk sik. cuma ALLAH jak tauk betapa malu nya aku time ya. hahaha.

&& tsunami attack jepon. sian doremon dak sin chan pa suma. :(
lets #prayforjapan *asa2 twitter la aku tek*

so,ya jak cerita aku. pada masa akan datang aku akan ranting or comment tentang benda aku rasa aku layak untuk berkata. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 30

hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! my num 30th post! and guess what, now i have about 16th followers including myself. tet. -..- 


u know, this morning i enjoyed blog-walking and i pass through hanis zulikha ka zulaikha blog.
well,she's a good writer. how i wish one day later i can turn out to be the most "fascinating,exciting,wonderting,romanticting,talenting and ketingting ah ting writer."

that will be one word ,which is 

WARNING: Sekiranya anda merupakan seorang yang tidak dapat menerima jenaka, di persilakan untuk keluar dari blog ini sebelum anda menangis kerana terasa.Tisu tidak akan di provide kan. Maka segala risiko adalah di tangan anda sendiri.

kita kan orang sarawak,kenak mok agongkan bahasa org lua? siiik. aku sik anok. kadang2 mok juak blog kta jadi termasyur kerana bahasa kita yang unik tok kan? aku paham. kta pelu respect reader kta so kta terpaksa pake bahasa 

  •  BI. rasa terer bi..*kcik sora madah* 
Pembaca B:AOK LAH! *tikam kasut,batu,tiang,piala thomas,piala fifa ciplak*
hafizha: sorry sorry! aku mtk maap! sik anok gk sik anok gk! *lari betapok blkg tiang*
  • bahasa kiut.*anggok palak*
  1. kamek-tamek *ohkay..tamek.......*
  2. kenak-kenax * all i can is smile smile smileeeee*
  3. ngee *what the hell? imagine urself in real life saying ngee when ur fren is talking.*
contoh: dalam dunia msg selalu berlaku kejadian tok.

Friend 1: haffy, u look so cute today!
Haffy: ngeeeeeeeee. thanks. ^^

and now, try it when orang ya cakap berhadapan dengan ko. will u say "ngee"? ko akan nampak mcm org bodo. sies. dont u ever try to do it in real life's. people will slap u. guarantee! 100%. mun sidak sik nampa ko,sik pa. ko g umah aku. i will help them to do it for u. (:

     4.ngaaaa.*ala-ala terkejut*
     5.teeheee*rasaa riang*
     6.dan sebagainya!

  • bahasa semenanjung MALAYSIAAAA.
Pembaca A: HAFIZHA,kau tok mmg mok kenak ko tok. look at urself?! KO PAKE JUAK BAHASA YA OK! KENAK KO MOK ANOK AKU PAKE BAHASA TOK?!
Hafizha: hello there pembaca A! aku.... bukan anok ko. *suara lembut enak berlemak ala2 peanut butter*
aku sik akan berani ckp sal tok mun aku kdrik sik pake bahasa tok  juak. well, aku pake bahasa BI and bahasa Semenanjung Malaysia dalam blog aku. Bahasa "KIUT" ya aku mmg sik pake la ok. hahahaha. :D
Pembaca A: hafizha, ure awesome. All hail hafizha! COME ON EVERYONE. FOLLOW ME.


okay guys. 
cut it. im over it. u CANT BLAME ME for being over-reacted in my own bloggers because in real life i didnt get a change to do so. well, i do. it just im such a lazy ass type of person. LOL. 

im sorry if this post kinda offense all of u guys but dear dont take it personally as me myself is doing the same thing too. 
to be the most well-known writer like JK ROWLING & u know, HAFIZHA.... 

Pembaca A: ENOUGH WITH THE SO NOT FUNNY JOKE HAFIZHA! *tikam keropok leko mak cik julia kat palak aku*

*cough* okay back. to be one of the good writer,kta msti master suma language if possible. no, sik la aku soh torang blaja ckp spain or KOREA. cuma just my point of view jak la. 
im not famous or well known bcos aku sik besarkan caawangan blog aku. untuk memperbesarkan cawangan blog,aku harus mempraktikkan bahasa BI and bahasa Semenanjong so org phm apa aku try sampe kan.

so far joke aku cuma la di fahami org oleh sarawak. u rock SARAWAK PEOPLE. (:

to all of u nok berjaya dh pake bahasa Bi,bahasa Sarawak and also bahasa Semenanjong sinun, congrats! 
im not surprised if one day later u will be known as a famous writer just like cik Hanis ya. (:
oh how sweet am i. *perasan*
i better take a rest one two min before start working again .
till we meet again. 
bye pretty people.

one last message. 


tutup tabe

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 29

tauk sik, aku rasa2 mcm mok delete jak enrty aku before tok. cos malu gilak aku baca. my god. so childish la time ya.
today i would like to talk bout myself. so hit the X button if ure not interested. Stop wasting ure time to anok me and so on. get a life biatch. *lebih2 aiii*

and so, after since the broke up,he replaced me with someone new within 2 months bla bla bla, im here today is actually still waiting for the right one to come to me. its kinda not fair when the one who is actually hurt me badly and actually dh in love with someone *sobs sobs*. so fast? i know. who cares lah. past is past. i have no feelings toward him again btw. just a lil bit missing missing and sayang. not love lah. it just some of the memories make me miss him. but shud be fine in 3 4 months to go. hooray!

dont look at it as a bad side. well here. i actually dh buat beberapa to-do-list when i have a boyfriend! HAHAHAHAHAHA.
best ok!!!!!!!!!

let me represent you my to-do-list when i finally had a new boyfriend.
  • i would like to bring him to arcade to play games with me. all sorts of game. 
  • eat ice-cream together hahahahaa
  • go to taman awam to play at the playground. -.-
  • go to esplande/marina/tanjong to watch sunrise & sunset! *isnt that cool and awesomeee?!*
  • introduce them with my fren and ask him to join me and my friend jalan2. (:
  • webcaming with me when we're dying to see each other
  • bake him a cake! :D
  • cook for him! hahaha
  • buy him a dolly :D
  • ask him to buy me flower. *BOO*
  • bring me to candle light dinner for two? *another boo*
  • sing together *LOL.pengaruh GLEE hahahaha*
  • raya together? hahahaa

okay. enough. i have no idea. in the mean time thats in my to-do-list. this time i will not looking or searching for it. i will ask them to look and search for me. :D
its hard to be ugly u knw? bcos once ure ugly like me people wouldn't care and noticed u.
sobs sobs. ):


how bout some big smilee! 


love yous bitches
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