Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 82

I miss you, Nizar Zacariyya. 

Do you know that? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hello, its been a while since i last updated my blog. so, i can say this is my recent stories.
in conjunction of triple 12 day, i would like to do some writings.
and yes, forgive me for my awkward-ness cause I am no longer good in telling sorry *ops, never I WILL*

Not so interesting story starts.

Where to start, how to start, why should I start, when to start. I DON'T KNOW. I never felt this kind of emotion before. I never. maybe yet its too early for me to speak out about love matter cause bitch please I am damn sweet 19th. just a matter of few more weeks, then its 2013 and here you go, I am 20.

but hey, as a human being, I can lied to myself. I just can't.

Do know that kind of feelings that you really love someone that you know he is the one for you no matter how bad they has treated you, no matter how many heart breaks has you longing with, you still can't lied to yourself that he is STILL the one for you. AND the hardest part is, when your heart and your mind also speaks the same language.

Do you know that, we tend to hurt people that we love the most. Yes, no doubt. Yes.

and you may have and you actually had done it. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 80

Can you see how hard I'm trying here?

hello people. hello hello hello.

haritok aku nak update more to mok merepak kedirik.
aku bencik perasaan insecure. sometimes kdk.. i want to be pretty too. i want to be rich too. i want this i want that. i want that body. i want that leg.  i want that shoes that shirts that money that everything.


kadang-kadang, bila compare kan dirik kta ngan orang lain, kta akan rasa down. kenak aku sik kdk sidak? am i that bad? how come i never be one of them too? its normal isnt it? kadang2 i cant hold it any longer.

insecure feelings when our bf ex lover, flirt-ayyy buddieh is way way better than we are. i have to admit this. sometimes i do feel that way. i do not know why, but i able to control the feelings and trying to live normally.

you know, my condition now memang terribly not good. not awesome at all. I had fail my maths paper so i have to repeat that sub in the next sem so i have 6 subjects all the way. aku terpaksa belaja kdk the same thing nok aku blaja last sem time class maths. aku terpaksa attend kelas nok sama kdk apa di blja aku dolok. aku rasa kdk fucking down. i never want this. NEVER.

my relationship? okay basically we end up being someone that actually in love with each other tapi. sik gerek? he didnt ask for it yet so we are now living a teman tapi mesra relationship. i dont know should i be happy or not but its okay. i'll leave it to him. i really love him more than everything. really. this time i manage to learn a lot of things. seriously. kta sik boleh selfish when it comes to relationship. kta mst pk ttg duak2 instead of one.

such as,
mtk break sbb kta pk nya sik happy an kta. haihh. its clearly stated that we're happy yet we gonna end up everything because of false assumption. FUCK IT. mun sik happy sik la tetak2 all the time.

when u stop smiling for no reason whenever thinking bout that person, stop smiling whenever looking at the pic that u guys took, or that person pic, to me, the love within it already gone. mati. mampus dah.

 haih abang is leaving to shah alam again soon. this comin sunday. you never know how it feels to be stuck at home. tgk orang pergi and come from u. and all u do is waiting for them to come back. sakit. sedeh. suma2 lah. sakit eh. sik pat di mejin apa di rasa. mok juak rasa kdk away from miri to feel how the exact feeling tinggal hometown and kdk balit kt hometown asa syurga alu-alu. haha.

last hol, 4 bulan cuti, aku sik pat g cne2. kdk.. wtfuck la. haih.

i dont know what else to say. lamak sik emo merepak mcm2. ok bye people. thanks for reading. ciao~

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 79

I miss you. I miss Us. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 76

i saw a new followers. thanks for following guys. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 75

There's a diff between jealousy and madness.

For me, i can still able to captivate the idea of jealous.

Dont ask me to tolerate with the madness because bitch, i can't.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 74 Happy New Year!

Hello world. Good day eh? yeap yeap. Today, i would love to talk about my awesome past which is my 2011. Man, cant believe 2011 is now a history. Believe it or not. YES NO? no? okayy. fine.
In the year of 2011, trillion of good and bad things happened!

Note: this will be the longest post EVE-RRRRR. *i guess* boohoo~ :3
please click (x) if you didnt wish to cont reading. chalo bettay.

Who ever who decided to stay, well, lets start! *walk together*

My Grand Opening for the year of 2011 were super awesome where i managed to celebrate it with my bff ; Aniqah, at klcc. The feeling after seeing a lot of fireworks in the skies was the best feeling ever. Everyone who is standing behind infront right and left wishing Happy New Year and all.

Good things has came to an end, I then went back to Miri a week earlier due to what had gets into me. Poor me. sakit mata. Hahaha. Ive been spending my good times alone watching Korean dramas for the whole month because of my eyes.

The next few weeks, I always went out with this boy, rather to be known as Zac. So, basically, we were friends like how friends should be. Since both of us were single, there should be no harm to another party if we went out together. Honestly speaking, there’s no such thing as lovie doviey involve at such time when we always went out together. And I had started working at Dayang Teras Shipping Sdn. Bhd as a receptionist. How’s work? Oh gosh. I had a great time working there. I guess. Good pay tho. 

Months after months, March finally approaching. Rumors about me and Zac were dating spreading like hell. I swear nothing had come between us until 17th March 2011. Idk how and why… We were officially an item on that day! HAHA. Right on my friend’s birthday.

So, to make it short, here's the list what had happened last year. :3
  • New boyfriend, where I’m glad he is mine :3
  • I started to earn my own money. (Working at Dayang Teras)
  • Received my SPM Results where I managed to get 3A’s some B’s and C’s. *I can’t remember*
  • ada lesen keta!  
  • Went to Jazz Fest w boyfie :3
  • he went to Puncak Alam 
  • Started my Uni Life In Curtin Sarawak.
  • Have a new best Girlfriend! :D
  • One of my closest friend pursuing her studies in Ausie.
  • Managed to learn tons of moral value of lives.
  • Know which one are a true friend and a great foe.
  • A great Raya Aidilfitri Celebration.
  • abang graduate! :D
  • The worst Raya Haji ever! 
  • Abah accident 
  • Goodbye braces! :( 
  • Best Birthday EVER! 
  • Celebrating my New Year by watching TV (MTV World Stage 2011) :D 

I think that is the best part of my last 2011. I am very content with what had happened last year. What happens in 2011 will stays in 2011. I hope in this 2012, everything will be much better and I hope Allah bless my fam, relatives friends, & all of you!

A Picture to remember :')
2011 memories from jan to dec :D 

Im 19th this year where... im turning 20 next year :'(

Write again soon.

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