Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Awkward ello

It’s already the end of 2017, about 7 days from now, I’m turning 24. Fuck, I’m old…….

Well the main reason I’m here is not because of my birthday approaching but just feels like leaving something here before 2017 ends as I did not update my blog at all for this year. Do people still blog? Well, mainly people now are more active on ig,fb or busy making money on youtube. No body promotes stuff on blog like years ago isn’t it?

I first start blogging because I love having a diary. By diary, I mean lots of it. I started to have one when I was in my primary school. Whew, now I’m done with schools, still struggling with my uni path but alhamdulillah I am now doing my bachelor in accountancy. Never thought that one day I’ll be doing this and making this as a career of mine but anyhow, I have no regret at all. Doing diploma in accountancy before is the best thing ever. The best has yet to come but I am keeping my mind open so I can accept and welcome the new challenges that I will face laterrrr.

I would love to add on a little tiny bit about my life now, well, I am 24 soon, I am finally done with diploma, I graduated months ago, my sister is now staying with her hubby in KL, blessed with one kid, the new member of our family, Riyadh Zidan. My brother is engaged, my little brother is now working and already decided what color would his wedding theme be, my best friend is now engaged too! I am so happy for her.

I guess that’s all for now! So, will be saying my hello again soon. insyaAllah.

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