Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weekend Getaway!

Good day Kota Samarahan!

Today's update is about my weekend getaway to DAMAI PURI bitchessss!
I jump in excitement so when my bro ask me If want to join him along to Damai Puri because Sesco is having a Family Day. I didn't have to join their Family day activities, just have to mind my own business.Basically, I am one of those parasite who follow my abang but don't even show up to their family day stuffs. Whatever it is, I am going to have the time o ma laife! 

So, The last time I went to Damai is in the year 2008? Yes that was it. During that time, my family and I went to Damai Resort instead. So this time I am going to Damai Puri! 
Hashtag sakai, hashtag excited the moment I saw the Gunung Santubong is getting nearer!
I kept on snapchat’in and uploading picture at twitter. 
Don’t blame me; I am appreciating every little bits of it!  

This post is going to be long I guess? And mind this. I am not a good story teller but I’ll try to get my story straight to the point? If I didn’t, please… give me more chances to prove you that I CAN DO THAT. (Hey, maybe I should’ve made that as one of my New Year resolutions?)

Okay! That’s me giving you a heartwarming welcoming video. I am new at this. Gosh. It’s hard. Once I’m done videoing myself, I can feel little hint of blush around my cheek because there’s this one family actually starred at me. Hahahaha! Iboh sekoh gilak aihh! 

FOR YOUR INFORMATION! The hallway to every room in the Damai Puri is eerie looking. 
The instinct of ghost running to you while walking there alone at night is strong! I will get back to it later. 

Anyway this is how my room look alike! 

Since my bro is leaving me alone for his family day stuffs, I am taking the opportunity to have little me time, doing some strolling and laying around the pools, watching the waves hitting each other 
At that point of my life, I am very grateful to be able to watch this wonderful creation of Allah.


The picture on the bottom right, I have to use a timer. I think I should get myself a selfie stick in case, I happen to venture alone someday . HAHAHA 

do you know?! 
If your love for chess is beyond everything, that you think without chess you’re unable to breath and you must play chess anywhere and everywhere you go, good news for you chess lover! There’s this one big chess made by wood provided for you to play… just don’t bring me to play with you because I am suck at playing chess. But if you wish to see me play, let me win alright?

 Cause I hate losing…… 

There’s Ping-Pong table too! There’s no picture of it because a siblings of 4 is playing it. I don’t want to look like a stalker or some psycho taking their picture with my phone. (Note to self, next time, carry my Tyrex or my canon instead! Oh those who didn’t know, Tyrex are my Sony DSLR and have been my family since 2009. Love you tyrex! )
AGAIN… if you wish to play Ping-Pong with me, think thrice. Maybe think millions of times before you offer me because I am suck at any sports! 
If only shopping is one of the sports, then, maybe you should’ve brought me along to join you. 

Then,I go to the other side of the Damai Puri’s and I got hungry. (pig)

So, I went to Elements. I can smell the Laksa aromas the moment I enter and was thinking to have Laksa for minum petang. Wow my minum petang is so heavy. Maybe I should consider getting myself one whole chicken instead? Okay kidding. At first, I would like to have Laksa but I changed my mind. I got myself some penne pasta and Teh Tarik.

Done eating, I got bored. I got nothing to do because I didn’t bring my story books along and I left my laptop at my brother’s house. CLEVER LITTLE GIRL. I went to lobby because that’s the only place for free wifi……. 

And I am so mad at myself. For not bringing things that I should! 
Honestly, the only thing I want to do that time is not insta-ing,facebook-ing,twitter-ing BUT  I want to do some readings. 
So I went to Berguna, their convenience store, and there is no magazine at all! 
Not so convenience huh? Hahahaha. 

I decided to lepak kosong at lobby till my bro came back! 
And about half and hour later, my brother came back from his family day stuffs. 
He is bringing along the beach sand with him. 
Our room is filled with sands! 
Not for long,after magrib, he went out again for family day dinner and I am not invited. 
Kesian. Nama penumpang. Sedar la dirik. Hahaha
This is the best part of the day.
Highlight of the night!!
He gave me money for dinner and asks me to call for room services so I don’t have to go down to have my dinner. 
The price for room services is slightly higher than you go sendirik to their restaurant. 
So, rebellious(wow) me decided to go to element on my own! 

First of all, the weather is very windy at that time and air pasang. 
The wave is so ganas and the sound of it so scary that I almost pissed myself. Kidding. 
As I mentioned earlier, the hallway is eerie looking because the view of the hallway is hutan and I got scared! 
I ran like Hussein boltz to the lift because I am imagining something at the forest is staring at me, and maybe something in the hallway with kain putih is chasing me, and of course, at that time also, I am imagining something is melekat at the ceiling and gave me eerie friendly smile.
That doesn’t end there. The lift.
The lift itself-reminds me of Adam Family maybe because of the colour. Hahahahaha. 
I survived!

I made my way to elements again. IT IS SO EMPTY!
I ordered myself a Laksa and milo. When this waiter sent me my laksa, he asks me this question “having dinner alone?” and I said, yes…. With little bit awkward in my voice. And he ask again. “whyyyyy?” and I said, “just because…? “ finally he left me and said, “enjoy your laksa and your warm milo!” 


WELL, when i was eating, Right in front of my eating table, there’s a lovely bird having their candle light dinner with flowers and two candles on their table. 

Worst part is, I am facing them.
My laksa is hot and little bit spicy (I am not the person who tahan pedas) and so I sobbed! 
Not because I am crying! Because the food is hot and spicy! 

The waiter look at me and said, “are you oookayyyy?" with a worried voice, and lots of question written on his face! I was like “yess! Pedas jak!” 

he must be thinking I am one of the broken hearted women who got sad after being dumb by my boyfriend, and crying looking at the lovely bird who is enjoying their time. Hahahaha!
The truth is, my bro left me for dinner and my bf is currently in Melaka doing his non-stop assignments. HAHA.

I went back to the lobby again because I don’t want to go to my room alone with the hope that abang will be back asap. But he didn’t. I got fed up waiting, so with the power I have in me, I made my step to my room. Of course, with some sort of running. Hahahahaha.

I tuck myself to bed with some pluggies on because my bro is a heavy snoring. Shortly after, he came back home.

Actually,even with pluggies, I can still hear him snore loud and clear….. why?! 

The next morning, before checkout, we had our breakfast at Elements because the breakfast is complimentary. 

I managed to get myself this for breakfast because i am not a heavy breakfast person. 

And so, that's my weekend! How's yours? 


Hafizha Husini. 


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