Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 2

Oh hello guys. happy new year!

Is it quite late already for me to wish you guys a happy new year?
Well, better late than never!
First of all, I want to say sorry to all people that I hurt in year 2010. I’m still young, so u has to forgive me for that. HA-HA. Obviously, I always wanted to be all perfect but nothing seems to be perfect in year 2010. 

Dear 2010, 

Even though I suffered a

  •  bad friend fight as a opening of 2010
  • a terrible headache
  • a bad fever
  • sitting for Big exams (SPM),
  • Terrible breaks up 
  •   Losing one of the family members
  • Knowing the closest to me is a back stabber
  • Cried a lot
  • Having the worst Raya ever
  •  Bad birthday

And so much more!

BUT, yes, there’s a but.

 At the same time
  • I become more stronger than before 
  • Knowing what’s life
  • The closest to u can become the biggest enemy of urs
  • If the one that u loved is not meant to be, then its not
  • Knowing which one the real friend is
  • Happy.
  • Realize no matter what happen, family is always there for you.
New Year resolution

Haven’t thought of one yet. But I hope my lives getting better in year 2011
Happy New Year guys!
Wish u guys a very great year!


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