Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 3

What do you know about friend?
Well, I googled the definition for friend and I got this as the results.

A friend is a person who comes and won't judge a flower by its color.
A person who will never give up on you.
A person who will comfort you when storms of tears are in your mind.
A person who will just have some fun with you and give you a good laugh.'
A person that doesn't mind expressing their happy or sad feelings to you.
By: Tara

Do you think ure one of the above statements?
If u does, well, ure a good friend. 
I have a lot of good friends, who is willing to help me if there’s a problem. 

However, I also has the type of friend who only using u when they need u and leave u when they already had a better life’s. I also have this kind of friend that I really trust however we ended as a enemies. Isn’t that sad? Yes. I know. 

Do I hate that person? To tell u the truth. After what had happened, I still care about that person. After since that person wrote something bad at the FB status, I decided to not give a damn about that person nemore. Yet, the partner UN-FRIEND me in FB. Isn’t that sad? U un-friend me just because ur partner had a problem with me. Why can’t that person that hates me un-friend me then?

Some people can be as pathetic as the cloudy weather is. If u has this kind of friend, let them go. U doesn’t deserve them. You still have a lot of good people around u. that appreciate u more than anyone else does! (;


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