Sunday, January 16, 2011

A story about a girl name

Hello. I’m  Nur Hafizha. Single and trying to get comfortable about it. I will write about my love lives more often in the future. So u doesn’t have to know why I’m not comfortable about it and the reason why we broke up. I’m 17th years old. Still young and still waiting for my SPM results. I’m not good talker neither a good writer nor I’m not good in English so basically I have a lots of grammatical error and please just let it be.
I was born in a very happy family. 

I have 5 siblings and I’m lucky num 4.I'm very sensitive and I cried often. People can’t really get along with me if they didn’t know me because I’m unpredictable. Sometimes, me myself having difficulties to know what I want. That is why I’m a loner. That is why whenever something happen I rather kept it instead of telling others what’s wrong with me. The only person that I always tell my prob is only my ex. That’s why he told me once, that I’m burdening him with my troubles and my problems. I’m sorry dear. Letting go this difficult loves is the best for us. Because I don’t want to see u suffered anymore. You’re having enough already.

My blog isn’t about loves only. It’s about my lives. Totally 100% true.
Nothing beats experienced.


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