Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 39

dear bloggers,

Well,just another boring post today. im so sleepy but im waitin for my beloved boyfie to get home. its raining. i hope his doin fine.
Tonight,im so in mood to talk bout something. well, just now i went to youtube and search for "lady gaga-born this way music video".
& when i saw the video i was like -.-. yes seriously i was like -.-
wthell was that? okay im sorry.i didn't mean to insult lady gaga and so on but dude the music video is real damn scaryy! and im scared. i have no intention to insult lady gaga but she is really scary. she is really into satanism and so on. well i dont want to say much as many of people around me like her so damn much. i love her gaga-ness but apparently not the music video. and most of people in youtube who commented on her music video will translate the real meaning of the song! such as "Alejandro" songs. OKAY. since i was there to hear and saw the video's,its not wrong for me to check out what some other people in some other place say about her. RIGHT? this is the biggest mistake ever. i will never check out lady gaga music video's again.

when she dance with those bra stuffs, sik sakit kah nenen nya begoyang2? #JUSTASKING

i promised u i will write something BIG and more better for my 40th post.
if and if only if u want 2


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