Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 57

Perfect one week. I hope ure doin fine zac. :)

So hello people. hows life? good? mine ok lah. sik lah beyond excitement nok hidup tok best lalu. but still, maseh dapat di terimak. aku cuma boring jak sebab sikda benda mok di buat. serious shit, im bored. macam totally sikda benda k loya and so on. tok lah musim blog akan di biar terkapai kapai di awangan. LAME.

somehow, aku rasa macam mok update blog dengan benda nok apa aku rasa lately. this past few days, aku rasa macam something is missing. no, nothing is wrong with my love lifes of course. TO BE SURE. i still loves him and yeah he still loves me. Guarantee. my fam doin fine as well.  wait. there is one.


this is totally shitty. many of my friends dah g blaja, dh start update status orientasi this and that and me still doing nothing. my ass maseh dudok melekat rah kosi lappy tgk cerita dari pagi sampe malam. STALK ORANG oh yes im a stalker. so? haha. like u never... :)

how i wish i could performed better during spm. no heart ache during that moment. less messing around. should listen to parents advised. which is NO LAST MIN STUDY and so on. less face-booking, less twittering, neither blogging. but yeah. those fucking this that i didn't obey and plus those heart ache make me into this.  

hello silly life's.

by now ntah-ntah aku dah g blaja kali. sik payah gago nak tunggu rayuan pa suma. lelah oi hidup macamtok. dengan results 3 A and aku gik rah art stream idup susah oi. fuck my life lahh. ko pk aku sik riso ka ngan masa depan aku? orang science side score 1, 2 A maseh juak senang lenang goyang kaki maseh dapat masok local uni. heh. is this life? well. hate to admit it. cruel world.. 

ok lah. nang aku emo bah lately. memang lah. this is future man. sekali ko salah langkah, gelap punah terus oi. kita tok makin tua. masa sik ngepong kita. even satu min ya ko akan rasa ya berharga lalu eh bila ko pelu kan masa ya. seda sik seda one day later kita gik nok akan berada di tempat parents kita. mimpin family and so on. obs, kita maok anak kita dirik kita, senang kan. sik la ngarap reta laki ajak. ujong cerei payah. haha. talk shit mode. sorry. but this is fact. not some unidentified cheap statements. 

im being frank over here. i am not here to sell some lame shit. im tired of this cheap real society. 

im pissed. really. my dream is to study somewhere over msia and not in miri. guess i will stucked my ass here for the rest of my life's. 

if only if. there is no other party involved i might goin somewhere now. without bothering how will she felt when im no longer in miri for her.

fuck my life's.


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