Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 68

Hi everyone. I’d been posting some lame shitsssss in my blog to endure some shitty stuff that happened to me this few days. As for today, I would like to share something not-so-cool in my blog.

Let’s start! :D

I used to own this camera. Rather to be known as Tyrex.
He is something to me. He is not just some ordinary camera that I ever used. I love him like my own baby and I treat him like he is the only camera that exists in this world. It’s a gift from my beloved mum. That is why I took a good care of the camera. Even though I might be failed because I’d invented a lot of scratches on his body. To be honest, I don’t know where the scratches came from. 

The main point of telling you this because, he is now gone. Like forever gone? yeah. And for that, I would like to congratulate my little bro and his friend for causing a death of Tyrex. Thank you people for making my life little bit little less miserable because I love Tyrex entirely with all my heart. 

I am now, nothing. I want Tyrex back. Like so bad. Nobody could ever understand the feeling of losing something memorable to us. He held so many memories that involve people around me. My family, friends, boyfriend. 

Too much to talk about. Too sad to think about. Well, that’s all from me today.


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