Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 70

Love... :))

hello guys, today is my beloved day 70th post! :D
First of all, i would like to wish all the muslimin and musliman Salam Maal hijrah ! Happy new year people! woot woot (Y)

SECOND(HAHA) of all, let me show you something. :3


HAHAHA! after two year plus (i think) living with braces, i am now no longer attach with him anymore. woot woot. somehow, i miss mr braces. mr retainer is no nice to me. seriously :'(

oh oh! this person. <3

i miss him. he is now in puncak alam. sobs sobs. i miss you baby! :'((

oh yeah. my result?

i just dont know where to start. i just dont know. thats it. k thx bye


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