Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 71

Assalammualaikum wahai para sahabat yang kurang tercinta. 

okay, post kali tok sedikit emo. sesungguhnya, duak tiga hari tok, aku mala emo. rasa nya, Nov tok nang bulan pake aku beremo emo. nasib juak aku cuci baju pake omo. OKAY BACK TO THE MAIN POINT.

First of all, about my results. Alhamdulillah, I managed to score well for my exam except my commerce math. I am not surprised when I know I have to re-take this paper over again because I know my standards for maths. Never once I score perfectly during my high school year. So I have to rebuild what I should have to achieve better marks in order for me to proceeds my Semester two. However, yesterday was totally a disaster. My parents somehow quite upset I couldn’t pass my paper and I have to re-take the paper again. *sighs* I am very sorry parents. I did my best shot already and I still couldn’t make it. 

Second, about everything around me. World doesn’t revolve only around me. I’m quite aware about it. Today, err, more too since yesterday, I was uptight about everything. Everything seems not making any sense to me. When I say everything, basically, it is everything. Lives, money, people around me, friends, best friends, boyfriend, family, strangers, animals. Everything. I am so tired and feel like giving up. Some part of me feels like, the world might be even better when I’m gone. Nobody needs me. I am nothing. I am just one of the stations where people stop and talk to me and when the time is up, they will go and leave me to earn something better. I am so clueless about what should I do next. 

Holidays. I did not achieve any good achievement throughout my holidays. Nothing goes well. NOTHING. November was once a good month for me, except the starter week because something had came up and made my life miserable. Unfortunately, I decided to rename November 2011 as my bad month ever because… just now... Something bad had happened to my Abah. Im grateful Abah is now doing fine. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. 

Well oh well… at least now I know who is willing enough to be with me when I needed someone to be with me. Well, of course, my one and only red birdies dolly. :3 I love you manas. It’s okay, I’m used to being alone anyway.

Happy December people! Goodbye love! :D


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