Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 16

Dear adib,
This will be the last proper post for ya. maybe i wont talk much bout u and so on after this. bcos this is not important nemore. No matter how much i tell u how much i love u and pls stay with me, u will never do it. u will leave me. boy, i miss u. i miss having u around. laughing and telling me that u loves me and how lucky u are to have me. im madly in love with u. still.

yes,thats the fucking reason why i cant forget u. im living with the past. all those hurtful past all those bloody promised u gave me and so on. i cant believe the facts that ure actually gone. leaving me behind and actually prepared and ready to move on without me around. u left me again. for the second time. i never thought that we actually will end up and turn out to be like this. is it me? is it u? i dont know.

i often asked myself. what did i do wrong? u told me that im immature. yes,i know im not matured. im still young. im only 18. and to tell the truths,im only turning 18 this dec. this 20th dec.
one month past by, i cant accept the facts that we;re over. million thrillion of times, my frens told me to move on. LIVE YOUR LIFE. HE DONT NEED YOU ANYMORE. but some part of me telling myself that u will come back to me. but hell no. now i can see the proper picture of my future. u;re not willing to accept me all over again. u will continue to hurt me more and more and keep on telling me all the hurtful words. what am i to u before? is ur love towards me is real? mine is real. i love u so much. u will never know how much i care, how much i love you.

u asked me to stop stalking and contacting u anymore. okay, i will. maybe this is the best for you and u like the idea of hating each dont u? its hard to forget u. i might be immature, but boy,i know hating each other after loving each other for 3 years is not a good idea.

the saddest part is, i still think abour u all the time. every second. every minutes. everything that i do,mesti ada relate with u. no matter how much u hurt me, i still loves u. well,this is love.
everyone who is in love, they will never give up on their ex/partner.

at least, we do shared good moments together. i miss u adib. please take care. i hope u will find good pretty woman,mature lady and the most important stuffs is, understand u more than i do.
its such a treasure to had u once.i will live my life;s without care and doing anything that can hurt u. i will give u the spaces that u asked for. the privacy and i will stop stalking and contact u again. u're the best that i ever had. and who ever win ur heart, she is lucky. im lucky enough to hold ur heart once. im ready to give it back now.. please take care of it and i will take back my heart from u. thank you for taking a good care of it once eventho now its broken and i need a very super glue to stick the pieces back.

i love u forever and will always do. unless one day later Im married to someone and having children,then i will stop loving u.

p/s: many grammar error. shut it up. who cares.


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