Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 21

Good Morning Dearies.

I'm such in a good mood today so i would like to update my blog with my new post. somehow,the first thing i said this morning when i woke up is "i miss my friend".
Yes guys,i really miss them so much. maybe because yesterday we just met and today i need to continue doing my 2011 routine by going to work,hvg breakfast and facing lap top,answering phone calls and so much more. 

im one of the fever victim right now,so i cant get this flu right. so do my cough. i keep on coughing as if im gonna die soon. lalalala. screwed u flu! so do u fever! so do u cough! ):

im teaching my bro bm now. lol.
im goin to start my driving class tomorrow. yay. im so excited! i hope everything goes well tomorrow. finger crossed!

well, talk to u soon. goodbye lovelies!


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