Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 20

Today is fun.
i went out with my beloved buddies. its been a while i didnt get a time to meet them and yay,we finally made it. we had fun and we talked and laughed a lot too. i miss u guys so bad!
realizing how fast time flies even making us much more sad when we get to knw one of us gonna fly to ausie to further her studies. ):
im gonna miss u navee my bitch. yes i will.

all my great buddies now such as amal,syamsina,navsharan,nurul and so much more used to be my enemy last time.
well,not all of them but almost like every each of them ever gadoh ngn me. hahaha.
well,thats normal. in friendship there will always up side down. sama ba kdk grk2 ya juak. hahaha.

i couldnt imagine how much life will be after broke up with adib if this bitches are not with me! thank god i met them and thank god i can actually now live my life's happily w/o him by my side. and yes,i do miss him. tomorrow supposed to be our monthsary bah. too bad,we're not together again. yesterday,genap 2 months dah both of us break. i wonder is he doin fine and so on. i hope his doin fine (:

lets break the awkward moment! haha, okay,im looking forward to see them again within this month!
oh yes,amal! thank u so much for the lovely drink. it taste so well and i cant believe that the choc didnt cause me migraine! and and yes,we'll catch up again pretty soon alright?

nurul! oh my god my pretty bitch! its been a while we didnt get to meet each other too! we shud spent quality time together soon. i miss u!  NO. more like, WE MISS U !

well, i got to go. the thunderstorm is freaking me out here. and i sleep alone. u shud knw how afraid am i ok. see ya bitches!


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