Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 23

hello bitches.

Today is not my day i guess.I started my day with headache and last night i sprained my ankle. FUCK MUCH.
At the same time, i suffered tummy ache.. screw me!
& today is the day when i started to remembered and reminiscence all the past moments when i still together with him.
Well, I cant run from it and i have no choice but only to think about it. so yeah. i just did. and i feel good right after. u never know how much i miss u boy. & u never know how much this heart still loving u. its funny when months keep on passing by but i cant get rid of u frm my fucking mind. i just cant help myself to continuing missing and loving u because my heart is now under controlled. Im sorry. i didnt mean to love u this much. (: well, enough bout that. i rather expressed all those thought that running after my mind here rather thn telling others what i feel about him............

Today,i decided to spend my quality time at home doing nothing. after working from 8 to 5 everyday except sat & sun, my body need rest. woke up at 7 and arrived home at 5.30 everyday is tiring. and my baby brother catch a cold. get well soon baby bro.

yeah,results out in march 15. some ppl kata lah. but so far,i tink it'll out in mac 20 something. im pretty nervous bout it bcos i screwed up! broke up and fam prob at the same time. well, fuck my life! hahahaha.
was thinking to do English intensive course after results out at swinburne. hmm.

Alright,so long buddy!
take care!


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