Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 22

taraa doom doom doom. cheers fella! GOOD DAY EY?

im living a great life's so far. nomore heart ache in the mean time. yippie! <3

oh btw,i started my driving lesson already! yesterday. that teacher reminds me of doraemon. and his nice.
and today, he asked me to drive to the real major road of MIRI. i was like "OMG! FOR REAL IM GONNA DRIVE TO TOWN? I JUST STARTED MY FUCKING LESSON YESTERDAY!" *of cos in my bloody heart*

what scares me a lot is ROUND ABOUT. damnn. driving using manual is HARD SWEETHEART.
u need to knw when to changed to gear 2 and so on, ):

and me sometime mmg pelupak lahh.i hope i can do it. i want to own a driving lesson fast so that i dont have to tumpang my mum to work. ):
so thaat i can drive happily when my fren bawak kua jalan. ):

kan kann?
please please pleaseee! i hope i can pass and drive well soon!



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