Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 17

Holla back!

Today is Monday. Awful Monday! i just hurt my leg! thanks to my fucking heels. *well,its me.*
i started working since last week. so this February is my First Month of working and earning my very own money.
i worked at my aunts company as a receptionist. i hate it when people calling and i need to answer "hello dayang teras".eww! at home i seldom answering the house phone and now i need to answered and say those word. haha. nyaman padan mukaaa.
So far so good. nothing much lah. yet i only worked there for 3 days. hehe.

During chinese new year. my god baby. my god. we went to mukah.
yes, mukah. that place was so quite! we stayed at Kingwood Resorts.
well,nothing much la okay.
i enjoyed being there. to smell and inhale exhale those fresh air. teehee. the only shopping mall that available there is Nguikee. *idk how to spell it correctly*
the road getting better and so on. the food getting mahal than before. hahaha.

we will go there again later. so long Mukah. (:


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